Orca-Maritime Film

Futura Signs & Apparel is now one of a very few certified applicators of ORCA HT film systems in North America. We don’t just wrap vehicles anymore but have moved onto other applications such as the ORCA HT film. When an opportunity presented itself to us to help out wrapping the Horn Blower ferries for the City of New York  we took the time acquiring the training and certification by Orca Maritimes lead trainer from Europe allowing us new challenges in multiple industries.

The ORCA HT film is a unique and environmentally friendly product that has been approved and certified for use as an anti-corrosion coating in a marine environment. Originally designed for large areas such as a ship’s hull above the water line, now ORCA HT film is used in the marine vessel industry and others such as storage tanks, pipelines, wind turbines and more. The vinyl application is self cleaning each time it rains, maintains a long term gloss and the appearance of a newly coated surface.

The only DNV approved self adhesive film for marine and offshore application.
VOC free, protection for 10+years, no maintenance

The ORCA 9800HT Offshore Film is a:
  self adhesive and absolutely
  ecologically friendly vinyl film.
  Impervious to water and chlorides. It has a
  high gloss effect, is
  non staining and easy to clean.
  Resistant against most acids and petroleum products,
 available in all RAL colors or special color matches,
  easy to maintain or to repair,
  very elastic,
  UV – resistant,
  not fading before 7/8 years*
  light weight (135 gr/m²) and
  retains high gloss for lifelong. The
  durability will be 12-15 years (and even more depending on individual circumstances)
  tested + certified by DET NORSKE VERITAS for flammability standards and marine coating application.
  Guarantee to adhere to surface for 20 years.
 * by using special lamination fading will not start before 14-16 years!

Here is one of the ferries being manufactured before the Orca HT film was applied.

The photo below is the same ferry after the film has been applied. Blue, white and black were the colors chosen by the client. There are many colors offered in this series of film to choose from.